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Below you can read some testimonials written by some actual past clients. They are ordered from most recent (Page1) to oldest (Page 9).

Great attorney! Posted by U.Z.
5.0 stars July 24, 2017

If I am asked to advise a good lawyer, then, of course, I will recommend only Frank Benvenuto. Polite, decent, tactful, self-confident, he immediately gives you answers on all concerned questions. Thank you for keeping me up to date on all the events in my case, for a whole series of suggestions and new thoughts, for the documents you have collected and prepared. Thank you for the positive result in my case!

This man is the real deal Posted by anonymous
5.0 stars July 12, 2017

Frank went above and beyond as my lawyer. More than I could have ever expected. He is extremely honest, and informed me of every possible option as well as what was likely to happen on my court date. It's nice to know what's going to happen before hand so you can get your affairs in order. His assistant, Jennifer, is wonderful. She fielded my calls 24/7, even on weekends. In the end, my DUI charges were greatly reduced and I spent no jail time and no probation. I would recommend Frank Benvenuto 11/10 times to anyone who finds themselves in a legal bind.

Fantastic Attorney and Staff!!!! Posted by anonymous
5.0 stars May 24, 2017

Frank did a great job for me and my family with my case. Frank is very professional, knowledgable of the law and a nice guy. His staff was also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Frank is you need a great attorney.

Will fight for you! Posted by Carrie
5.0 stars March 27, 2017

I was recently in OC and got into some trouble which was very unfortunate for me considering I carry a medical license. Alcohol can get the better of some from time to time. I read review after review on criminal attorney's in the area and found Frank to be a favorite. Well let me just say, I could have never made a better decision. Frank stood by my side the entire time over the course of my case. He fought hard and it definitely showed. I was in and out of court and only got community service when I know I deserved more. I have never had experience with lawyers in the past and was expecting the worst, NOT THE CASE. And hats off to Jen his secretary she made me feel so much better every time I called. Do not go to another lawyer you will not regret Frank, you are treated like family.

Excellent Representation Posted by Carol
4.0 stars February 15, 2017

Frank did an excellent job in representing my DUI. He worked very comfortably with the Prosecutor and was personal friends with the presiding judge. The results of my trial were the best we could obtain, considering the circumstances. Thank you Frank for your help and support.

5.0 stars February 13, 2017

I was charged with possession of Marijuana/Hash in Ocean City, Maryland. I had over an ounce on my possession. I had passed out on the curb and was woken up by cops. I gave all my information to the cops. The cop then asked to search me and I said no. He then illegally searched me saying he could see a small jar through my basketball shorts. When I spoke with Frank about this, he made me feel very comfortable and he was very understanding and very confident. The day of my trail Frank just made a deal with the prosecutor and I got off with 20 hours of community service. I would definitely recommend Frank to anyone and everyone. Even though I had priors in the state that I live in. He still managed to work something out with the prosecutor and got me off. Frank is very well known around the whole court house and is also well known with the cops. Any kind of offense in Ocean City, Maryland. I would hire Frank to represent me in every case.

hands down the most compassionate and best lawyer maryland has! Posted by April
5.0 stars January 26, 2017

Words can't describe what Frank and Jennifer (legal assistant) have done for me as far as how my case was handled, to the genuine compassion that Frank offers as a lawyer. I'm from out of state, who vacations in OCMD every year and never knew how much trouble you can get in down there until one night of drinking landed me 7 charges (all misdemeanors, but still in my eyes bad charges that could (and should) have landed me in Snow Hill State because keep in mind: they have no county jail). Because I had Frank Benvenuto on my side, I left with only 1 minor charge. Of course I was nervous, but I was in frequent touch with both Frank and Jenn as they always made sure to talk to me to ensure me that things will work out. Compassionate is an understatement when referring to Frank, and his legal assistant as well, and the first time you speak to him, you will hear and feel how comfortable you will feel having him as your lawyer. The number of various situations he's handled in the up most righteous way, along with countless years of various experience and his unmeasurable knowledge is amazing. This is something you must keep in mind when considering who is the best all-around lawyer for your case and what this man brings to the table in undeniable. Because of him, I can continue with my life with what I did being a major lesson and a learning experience instead of a drinking mistake that halted and ruined my life temporarily and for years to come. I even had someone approach me after and told me that "the number of times I've been in this courtroom, I ain't ever seen anything like that". Frank's all-around, 100% the best lawyer to have on your side when you end up in trouble in Maryland. I couldn't be more blessed with the result of my case and for what he has done for my life.

Thank you Posted by anonymous
5.0 stars January 5, 2017

During this summer, I was brought on several charges and I hired Frank. He was very responsive whenever I tried to reach him. He was able to get the more serious charges dropped and I was given probation before judgement for the more minor charges, which will allow me to expunge them in the future.

Very responsive and knowledgeable Posted by anonymous
5.0 stars January 3, 2017

My son was arrested on a cocaine charge while in Ocean City, MD. We had no experience with this type of situation and had no legal contacts in Ocean City. We found Frank through this website. He and his assistant Jennifer were very helpful throughout the entire process. They were very responsive no matter how many questions we had. They genuinely cared about my son's welfare and were able to have his probation terminated much earlier than anticipated. We are very grateful for Frank's guidance.

Excellent Lawyer Posted by anonymous
5.0 stars December 16, 2016

Mr. Benvenuto is a very attentive and dedicated lawyer. I appreciated his honesty when speaking to me and he was always available whenever I called with questions. Mr. Benvenuto was able to drop some of my more serious charges and gave me the best outcome I could have asked for given my situation. Not only is he a hardworking attorney, but his price is reasonable and he offers high quality service. I would highly recommend Mr. Benvenuto.

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