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New Md. Law for Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

Citations for Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

The Criminal Laws in the State of Maryland have changed! If you are now caught with or are “in possession of” 10 grams or less (about 1/3 of an ounce) of marijuana the police can now issue you a criminal citation pursuant to CR5-601 (a)(1). The penalty for possession of marijuana is a fine up to $500 and/or ninety (90) days of incarceration and/or both. Remember just because you have been issued a citation for marijuana, you should not take this charge lightly. Possession of marijuana is still a must appear in court offense and your failure to obey the citation may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. If you have been arrested or given a citation call me at once at 443-783-2451 or use my Contact Us page

Tip of the Month:

Never give the police ammo to shoot you with. Do not be rude, be polite, but I advise that you not volunteer information if you do not have to. Remember loose lips, sink ships. I recommend that you avoid talking to the police if at all possible.

Never invite the police into your home, condominium unit or hotel room. You enjoy fourth amendment protections (protects you against unreasonable search and siezure). If you must speak to the police, then I recommend that you step outside into the hallway with the door closed behind you to talk to them. Never allow the police to follow you in, ask them to wait outside. If the police do not have a search warrant, and you do not give them permission to enter, and they have no probable cause to believe you committed a crime, or there are no exigent circumstances, then they do not have a right to enter your dwelling without your permission. Remember, what police do not see, will not hurt you. But if you voluntarily allow the police to enter your dwelling and they see marijuana or any controlled dangerous substance in plain view then you can be arrested for it.

Many people who have been arrested indicate to me that they believe their arrest should be thrown out because the police officer failed to read them their Miranda Warnings. This is not the case. Miranda Warnings are only triggered when two things both occur. There must be custody and interrogation (questioning) before police are required to read you your Miranda Warnings. Miranda Warnings only go to the statements that you make to the police. Remember you do have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. You should use that right. Tell the police officer with all due respect, “Officer, I wish to exercise my Fifth Amendment right and remain silent.” Again loose lips, sink ships

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